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Return to movement and gaining full function is our main concern. Concentrating in the field of musculoskeletal related aches and pains, we focus on the individualized and holistic approach to one's wellness.

Understanding that pain is multi-factorial in nature; systemic evaluation and reasoning with tailor made exercise programs, posture correction programs in adjunct to various soft tissue and osteopathic manual therapy approaches, dry needling, taping etc. we address the common conditions such as joint pains, muscle aches and pains, ligament injuries, post fracture and surgery rehabilitation.

Sports Injury Management

No activity would guarantee no injury; however being active helps you bounce back from injuries a lot faster.

Prevention being a key word to prevent most injuries, our first step is to educate and make one aware as to how to take care of ourselves to prevent from being injured. Assessments of postures and common sporting movements such as running, striking, kicking etc. helps achieve bio mechanical efficiency in movement.

Sports Rehabilitation is a combination of optimal healing and full function of the injured part of the body along with maintaining the sport related fitness to ensure speedy recovery back into the game with minimal time loss..Time away from the sport reduces fitness levels, rehabilitation of injury not only focuses on the injured area but on all aspects of physical fitness.

Dance Medicine

Dance is a unique blend of artistic movements with athleticism. Dance Medicine is an off shoot of Sports Medicine and focuses on prevention and rehabilitation of dance related injuries. With our dancer wellness program, we focus on taking care of dancers health, improve the efficiency of movement and prevent them from injuries in a step wise manner.

Screening and assessments of physical fitness, posture, flexibility and movement of spine and hips helps a dancer work on their art better and concentrating on longevity of their performance.

Posture & Gait Analysis

Posture and Gait are considered signatures and unique quality of every individual. It reflects the persons attitudes, habits sometimes even a person's character. Screening of posture especially for persons involved in desk related jobs or high performance physical activity can prevent various injuries. Certain changes in posture if not skeletal or genetic maybe habitual and can be corrected. Posture corrections can avoid and get rid of chronic or recurring headaches, neck and back related aches and pains.

Gait Evaluation focuses on foot landing patterns along with the movement of joint in the legs and spine. Identifying and correcting these altered patterns has an impact on alleviating chronic or recurrent conditions such as lower back, hip, knee and heel related aches and pains.

Strength & Conditioning

Every high performance physical activity requires it's own combination of physical fitness and knowledge of technique.

Strength and Conditioning concentrates on the first part and targets every aspect of health related fitness - maintenance of body mass, aerobic and anaerobic endurance, muscular fitness (strength, endurance and flexibility) and sport related fitness - speed, agility, power and balance. We deal with children and adults who want to improve their fitness not only in sporting activities but also in day to day routine fitness. We aim at not only overcoming personal challenges but also raising the bar higher.

Corporate Wellness

All work and no play make jack a dull boy.

Corporate wellness focuses on individuals who have a tendency of spending long hours of work sitting or standing, require excessive use of computer or laptop screens. Wellness comprises of education and awareness of posture and health, work station modification, correction of posture, importance of breaks and hydration. Simple activities during work reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries. We are currently associated with various multinational companies and help them take care of their employee's health.

Neuro physiotherapy

Neurophysiotherapy deals with improving the quality of life and independence in people with neuromuscular disorders related to the brain and spinal cord. It helps them achieve confidence and improve their function within the community.

We deal with persons with stroke and disorders related to the spinal cord help them gain function till their maximal extent.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is helpful as a form of recovery from physical activity and training. It helps increase blood flow to the muscles, promotes lymphatic drainage thereby lowering muscle tension which improves flexibility and causes relaxation in the body.

Regular deep tissue massage in athletes helps them to avoid injuries and reduces overall stiffness within the body.

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