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Certified Therapist

Well trained and highly educated therapist to diagnosing your problem and give better treatment.

Quality Services

Providing the best quality therapy services. And our price plan are very cost-effective for the patient.


Proformance is a physical therapy and sports rehabilitation center founded in June, 2016 aiming at optimizing movement, promoting active and healthy lifestyle and enhancing quality of life in the general community.

We not only focus on the requirements of high performance individuals but also to the comfort of day to day activities.

Treatment strategies include systematic evaluation, detection and awareness in prevention of injuries and rehabilitation based on scientific evidence respecting the individual goals.

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Closely associated with several dance & sporting academies coaching for marathon events, athletics, badminton, football, hockey, combat sports including judo, taekwondo, boxing, muaythai etc. and various other boot camps, cross fit and other fitness associated programs.



Return to movement and gaining full function is our main concern. Concentrating in the field of musculoskeletal related aches and pains, we focus on the individualized and holistic approach to one's wellness.

Sports Injury Management

No activity would guarantee no injury; however being active helps you bounce back from injuries a lot faster. Prevention being a key word to prevent most injuries, our first step is to educate.


Dance Medicine

Dance is a unique blend of artistic movements with athleticism. Dance Medicine is an off shoot of Sports Medicine and focuses on prevention and rehabilitation of dance related injuries.

Our Team


Mr. Akshay G. Wagh.

Managing Director & Consultant


Ms. Prachi Shah

C.E.O & Consultant


Mrs.MeghaKamat Wagh

Neuro Physiotherapist


Mr.Pritesh Jadhav

Head Sports Massage Therapist

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